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Kavach – 750Ltrs.


Capacity : 750 Liters
Layers : 3 Layers
Warranty : 9 Years
Ribbed Design : Extra Strong
UV Resistant : Ultraviolet Light Resistant
Heat Resistant : Maintain Water Temperature
Break Resistant : Multi Layered
Extra Capacity : 10% Extra Storage
Food Grade : 100% Food Grade Material

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Introducing the WTK3-750 Water Storage Tank by Pearl Precision Products, offering a substantial 750-liter capacity. With a sturdy 3-layer construction, it ensures extra strength and break resistance. Benefit from a 9-year warranty, UV resistance, and heat resistance for optimal water temperature maintenance. The ribbed design provides 10% extra storage capacity, and it’s crafted from 100% food-grade material, guaranteeing safety.

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